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Among Westchester cosmetic surgeons Dr. Eugene J. Sidoti, Jr. is often tapped by publications for his insights into new trends within procedures as diverse as facelifts, rhinoplasty procedures and breast augmentation. With his training in pediatric plastic surgery and board certification by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Sidoti is among the most prestigious plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the New York and Westchester County area.

As a professional who is in tune with the latest techniques of cosmetic surgical procedures, Dr. Sidoti must also acquaint himself with the trends and styles within the beauty and fashion worlds. Everyone knows that many fashion and style trends originate right here in our backyard. Whether it is the music and film industry or the fashion and design sectors, New Yorkers always have a new look to consider. As a bellwether for aesthetic trends across America, cosmetic surgery in Westchester NY leads the way, and often the rest of the country follows.

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Westchester Cosmetic Surgery and You

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This combination of classical style and new creative spirit is what also pushes Dr. Sidoti in his practice. In order to meet the exacting demands of his many high-profile patients, Dr. Sidoti must translate stylistic tastes into the desired appearances of his patients. When women come to Dr. Sidoti requesting breast augmentation or facelifts, they can trust that he is a man of taste and refinement when it comes to beauty. This trust translates into more successful procedures and beautiful results. After all, Westchester cosmetic surgeons must abide by an exceptionally high standard of success when it comes to their work. Their patients demand it.

Among Westchester cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Sidoti leads the way, whether it comes to adopting the latest techniques and products or holding himself to the highest standard. Dr. Sidoti proudly counts himself among the first surgeons in the region to offer so-called “gummy bear” breast implants. These implants, approved by the Food and Drug Administration in February, offer a more natural look and feel than traditional silicone implants. Dr. Sidoti also offers a wide selection of dermal fillers.

What Makes the Best Plastic Surgeons in Westchester NY?

Dr. Eugene Sidoti

Dr. Eugene Sidoti is an Ivy League-trained, Board-certified Westchester cosmetic surgeon.

The best plastic surgeons in Westchester NY consistently meet and exceed patients’ hopes and expectations. The best Westchester plastic surgeons understand that patients expect and deserve great results. Prior to surgical procedures or treatments, the best cosmetic surgeons communicate with patients, finding out what the patients’ goals are, and explaining to patients their different options. Great surgeons let their patients know what to expect with the procedure or treatment, and give their patients realistic expectations in regard to results.

Dr. Sidoti holds himself to the highest of standards. His professional memberships and certifications include the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons. An active member of multiple associations for both plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Sidoti stays current with the latest developments and innovations in both of these fields, allowing him to provide his patients with the very best in surgical care and treatment.