Older Patients Considering Cosmetic Surgery

Older Patients Considering Cosmetic Surgery

With each passing year, the idea of age changes. Older Americans are remaining active well into their sixties and seventies. They are working hard to stay in shape and many are still working. Others are even embarking on second careers.

Westchester Cosmetic Surgeons

Dr. Sidoti is a leader among Westchester plastic surgeons in helping these older patients achieve their aesthetic goals through a number of procedures that can add youth and relevance.  Body sculpting procedures like tummy tucks or liposuction can be used to help patients feel better about themselves and create a more toned look, and facelifts can take years off of a patient’s appearance. For women, breast augmentation is also an option, and can provide older women with a new feeling of self-confidence.

Many older Americans are considering these procedures as they decide to remain in the workforce. In a youth-driven culture, procedures that can help people look younger can be viewed as an equalizer by patients. They often feel that if they could take years from their appearance, then their experience is the only thing that shines through.

New York Cosmetic Surgery

Many New York cosmetic surgery patients are driven into practices by a desire to remain relevant in a city that values youth and vibrancy. These procedures are giving an opportunity to explore a new array of career and life options for older patients. http://drsidoti.com/older-patients-considering-cosmetic-surgery/From involved surgical procedures to non-surgical options what can still have profound results, Dr. Sidoti can guide each patient through a number of options to get the great look they deserve.