New Trends in Breast Augmentation

Be Sure You are Selecting a Modern Look and Procedure

New Trends in Breast Augmentation

Women are now electing to have more natural looking breasts that are not easily discernible as augmented.

The days of dramatically oversized, unrealistic and obviously fake breasts are over. The old adage “less is more” is now the new trend in breast augmentation. Natural is the new style. Round, solid and high breasts aren’t as natural looking as breasts that are slightly heavier at the bottom and form more of a pear shape. Women still desire perky breasts with perfect shape, size and symmetry, but they no longer desire for them to be recognizable as cosmetically enhanced or obviously too large for their body frame. This is most easily achieved by following the rule of never going up more than 2 cup sizes from the natural breast size.

Your Doctor Should be versed in the New Breast Augmentation Trends

Dr. Sidoti is familiar with the new standards in breast augmentations and is experienced in popular procedures like scar-less augmentations and fat transfers (which provide a 2-in-1 benefit of removing fat from an undesired area and depositing it into your breasts for natural enhancement). Women who are looking to fit into their clothing better, create a better hip to bust ratio, or are looking to re-energize breasts which are now flat and sagging due to weight loss or breast feeding will all benefit by seeking out Dr.’s expertise in the cosmetic surgery field. You will be professionally guided through your augmentation options and can rest assured that your results will greatly enhance your look as well as your confidence, without appearing obviously fake or dated.