Many Choices for Today’s Breast Augmentation Patient

Many Choices for Today's Breast Augmentation Patient

Breast augmentation offers a variety of options for patients.

When New York patients seek breast augmentation, Westchester NY offers some of the finest care available.

Westchester cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Eugene Sidoti can offer several options for breast implant procedures. The location of the implant can vary from patient to patient rendering a different result. Some patients may choose to have the implant placed behind the breast tissue while others may request locating the implant behind the chest muscle.

Both options offer advantages. By placing the implant behind the breast tissue recovery after surgery can be less painful. However, the location of the implant can make mammograms difficult.

Placing the implant behind the chest wall is more painful initially, but in the long run this location makes mammograms easier.

Breast implants have changed a great deal in the last several years. The traditional structure of a silicone shell and filler is generally the same, but now saline solution is used as the filler. The volume of the implant is a decision patients can make with the help of their board certified plastic surgeon.

The implants also are offered in different shapes. The shape can help determine how natural the implant looks in relation to the patient’s body. They come in round or shaped options.

Implants also can be textured. textured implant gives them a more realistic feel for the patient.

Each patient is very different, and cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Eugene Sidoti can help patients make the important decisions in advance of their breast enhancement procedure.

One of the first steps for breast augmentation New York patients must take is to be sure they have consulted with a qualified cosmetic surgeon with the time and care to make sure that every option has been explored to give a woman the look she desires.