Facelifts Westchester, NY

facelifts in new york and westchester county ny

Beauty and Rejuvenation with Facelifts

There are many different ways to enhance and beautify the face. Dr. Sidoti offers a full spectrum of procedures that eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead and other parts of the face. Between rhinoplasties, blepharoplasties and standard facelifts, today’s opportunities for plastic surgery rejuvenation are endless. When patients meet with Dr. Sidoti for private consultations they learn about the latest minimally-invasive options available within the facelifts procedure.

Women and men from many different age groups and professions choose facelifts as a way to look years younger than their actual age. Between celebrities and professionals in high-profile industries, Dr. Sidoti specializes in offering facelifts that provide exceptionally naturalistic results that enhance the physical properties of each patient and eliminate signs of age. Our faces tell us much about the way we have lived and continue to live. Many frowns and wrinkles are signs of both stress and the years passing by. As a society we place a premium on appearances. As New Yorkers we emphasize the latest style and beauty trends. Dr. Sidoti is among the foremost experts for facial cosmetic surgery in the New York City and Westchester County communities. Frequently tapped as a consultant, Dr. Sidoti travels extensively to conferences and conventions where he explores new techniques and technologies that aid his craft.

Whether it is learning about the latest types of sutures or new innovations in anesthesia and implements that help minimize or eliminate visible scarring, Dr. Sidoti is frequently involved in refining his knowledge and bringing his patients the most complete and safest experiences in plastic surgery.