Celebrity Secret? It Could Be Botox or Fillers

Celebrity Secret? It Could Be Botox or Fillers



It is no secret that many famous people undergo cosmetic surgery. It is becoming more popular with everyone, and famous people are no exception. Supermarket tabloids often publish the latest “Who has and who hasn’t?” pictorials, since many people are curious about their secrets.

One of the ways that Hollywood actresses can maintain their look without making a dramatic change that is not-too-subtle is to take advantage of injectables fillers and Botox. These products give the patient the change to do something that is restorative that can make a difference by erasing fine lines and adding volume to sagging skin.

Many women will undergo a procedure using injectables to quickly revitalize their look before a movie shoot or possibly more importantly before the awards shows and the famous red carpet walks.

Botox and fillers are often lumped together, but they perform very different functions in the cosmetic medical field. Botox works by targeting muscles in the face around the eyes, mouth, or anywhere else there is a problem. It erases fine lines and can soften crows’ feet.

Fillers work differently. Often when skin sags and causes wrinkles it is due to a lack of volume under the skin. The fillers replace that volume, and can be used on the face but they are also used with great success on the hands and other areas.

There are many little secrets that cosmetic surgeons know about that the stars employ to keep themselves looking young and red-carpet vibrant. Dr. Sidoti can introduce you to the procedures the starts use to keep their dazzling look.