Breast Augmentation Westchester, NY

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breast augmentation in westchester ny

Breast Augmentation in Westchester NY for a Beautiful New You!

Serving the Scarsdale community, Dr. Sidoti is pleased to be among the most noted plastic and cosmetic surgeons offering breast augmentation in Westchester NY. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for many reasons. First, our society attaches a great deal of importance to a woman’s appearance, particularly the breasts. As a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast implants and the latest techniques that utilize the safest materials, Dr. Sidoti is proud to offer state-of-the-art enhancement procedures. With his use of high-tech materials to ensure safety and timely recovery, Dr. Sidoti provides each patient with a complete examination and consultation session that emphasizes the options available for each breast implant procedure.

Breast Augmentation Trends

Dr. Eugene Sidoti leads the way among surgeons who perform breast enhancement procedures in Westchester County, NY. Dr. Sidoti has become one of the first Westchester cosmetic surgeons to perform breast augmentation Westchester NY procedures with “gummy bear” breast implants. Approved by the FDA earlier this year, these gummy bear implants offer a more natural appearance than most silicone implants. The surgeon also performs breast augmentation for NYC patients.

At these consultations patients will learn about the difference between anatomical and round

Breast Augmentation Westchester, NY

Breast Augmentation for New Yorkers

breast implants, recovery times, anesthesia procedures, and the different styles available to each woman. patients can also learn about the costs involved with breast augmentation, which can vary from patient to patient depending on a variety of factors.

Breast Augmentation in the New York City Area

Beauty is always an important way of life in the New York City and Westchester areas. For New Yorkers and those who live in the New York City area looking good is a requirement. Because not all breast augmentation procedures are alike, the practice of Dr. Sidoti provides a level of service and patient care that makes you feel at ease. Making our patients feel good is a big part of our objective as a team of professionals.

Breast augmentation is a procedure that takes approximately 2-3 hours and patients can generally leave within an hour after the operation to return home. It is a procedure that can have a dramatic impact on your life, improving both your appearance and your relationship to your body. Many patients report an improved self-confidence that often translates to an improved career and personal life.